“From dusk till dawn” is an adult massage studio, waiting for day and night!
“Smolenskaya” subway station. Phone: (495) 767 65 63, 979 32 23
We welcome the real connoisseurs of sensual massage to immerse oneselves into the erotic and luxury world of one of the best massage studios.
Tender and affectionate hands and bodies of our ladies will help you relax, cast care aside and touch the dreamlike world full of tenderness and affection...


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эротический массаж
эротический массаж

Are you tired of your everyday life? Does sex seem boring and humdrum to you? Hmmm…. It’s high time to change anything! Turn the tedious sex life into the lively and unforgettable moments at the “From dusk till dawn” studio!

Once you step across the threshold, you see how the reality is changing. Your inner thoughts and fantasies will materialize. It is the time for exciting strokes, thrilling touches, teasing positions, and endlessly sweet delight. We “created the atmosphere” where you can release your sexuality and give yourself up to the temptation… You will be satisfied with the interiors of the VIP chambers that stimulate you to enjoy yourself. Our ladies are charming and tender; they can offer you all types of massage: erotic massage, Thai massage, Indian massage, relaxing massage, and so forth. We offer you a wide range of the up-market alcoholic drinks and smokables.

Erotic massage is effective both for female and male sexuality. Your erotogenic zones will be aroused by gentle hands of our ladies. You will feel that the body areas, you thought to be not connected with getting pleasure, are waking up… As a consequence you will experience the ineffable orgasm!

Only after you are satisfied, you can feel the tranquility and placidity. That drab existence seems not as dull as usual, after you’ve experienced erotic massage. The thrilling massage “Cherry tree branch” will tease you with fond kisses and scarcely noticeable bites. The intriguing Yang massage will give essential happiness to you, because a girl is touching your central erotogenic zone with her breast. The oriental massage in combination with smoking a hookah will bring you some moments of pleasure.

Visit our studio… Change your drab existence, feel some sexual drive.

We work at “Smolenskaya” subway station (3 minutes by feet from the subway). (495) 767 65 63, (495) 979 32 23.

эротический массаж
эротический массаж
эротический массаж
эротический массаж
эротический массаж
эротический массажэротический массажэротический массаж