Erotic massage

We offer you to learn about the Yang massage that can show you bright colors of pleasure…

The sensual touches of tender and sexual breasts of our ladies will arouse slight languor. Our ladies will cause the explosive pleasure with their teasing touches along the lines of the maximum arousal and bring you to the orgasm!


“No Limits” massage

The latitude and freedom in outpouring your sexual preferences — that is what this kind of massage gives.

 “From dusk till dawn” studio offers you many opportunities to materialize your fantasies. Our ladies will help you to have it done, encouraging you, but staying “flirty” reserved.  
The freedom, the swallowing wave of erotic fantasies gives you, sets your inner fantasies free. Material pleasures light the fire in you. The ladies, tenderly touching your fingers, let you “swirl” in the air of sensuality over and over again. Tuned to the pleasure, your body «sounds» like a tuning fork, easily responding to each, even gliding, touching. Obedience and rebellion in a constant erotic game inevitably give way to inevitable relaxation, and then flare up again. Caressing touches of our ladies slide down to your sensitive feet, touching the beckoning lines of your back and buttocks. Smoothly increasing power of touches, the growing excitement… Your body surrenders to the temptation.

P.S. We remind our dear guests that any kind of massage may be performed by one or two ladies at your choice.


Aquagel massage

Taking baths with fragrances have been the most natural way of relaxation from the earliest times. Water is a source for energy restoration forming the basis of aquamassage.

The technique of aquagel erotic massage helps restore your physical strength and emotional comfort.

The waterfall of warm water jets coming down on you and the sweet-scented snow-white foam sliding down nude good-looking girls will plunge you into intriguing massage. Shimmering candles, beautiful music, touches of breasts and buttocks sliding over your body will embathe you in sensuality and erotic relaxation.

Aquagel massage can be a way of relaxing and receiving erotic pleasure, as well as a preparatory stage for erotic massage.

P.S. We remind our dear guests that any kind of massage may be performed by one or two ladies at your choice.


“Cherry tree branch” massage

This kind of erotic massage, named “Cherry tree branch” absorbs techniques of tender touches, like a flower that drinks the reviving water.

The tenderness of expert touches streaming over your body lets you feel the heavenly pleasure. Like with cherry tree petals, the touches will cover your body with kisses and warm breathing. Tender bites and plenty of fondling deliver you a lot of thrills and incomparable pleasure.

P.S. We remind our dear guests that any kind of massage may be performed by one or two ladies at your choice.


Massage for ladies

The pleasant touch of a girl will give you new feelings; tantra massage makes them unique… Tenderness will cover your body, caressing the skin. Reverent heat of the hands of our ladies reveals the depth and individuality of your sexuality.  Like petals of roses, erotic longing will cover the skin, and sensual pleasure will overflow on your body.

We wish you an enjoyable pastime!


Massage for couples

In the present-day world it is difficult for couples to revive  their sex life.

Using various techniques of classical and erotic massage ladies in our studio will help you solve this problem.
Get ready to understand your own sexual preferences. Erotic fantasies will get a realistic shape, and you will be happy to learn the finer points of mutual understanding and erotic relations.

Irresistible desire to achieve mutual enjoyment immerses you and your partner in the atmosphere of anticipation. Gentle massage made by our girls in different chambers starts the game of your imagination. Delighting your body with massage, yearning feelings for partner, passions... Only time separates you from the unforgettable sexual sensations and incomparable experience. Drawing near the sensual moment, sensual zones turn your bodies into a single whole. The increasing desire encourages you to continue…



This massage is a kind of the Indian erotic massage. Caring hands of girls-masseuses of our parlor will let you experience special pleasure, massaging the groin area. Using special oils and spices, charming ladies will free you from the physical stresses with their gentle touches.  Emotional excitation will disappear and you will feel happiness and bliss.


Yan massage

We suggest you to get acquainted with the charms of Yang massage gifting you bright colors of delight and total relaxation.
Sensual touches of tender breasts and sexual seductresses of our salon will arouse mild lassitude in you. Teasing touches, repeating the erotic lines of maximum excitation, release an explosive storm of pleasure that will lead to orgasm.


We wish you an enjoyable pastime!



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